Composer, Songwriter & Producer for Brands, Artists and Media

Erwin Steijlen has written music for hundreds of the biggest Global A-Brands from all over the world. For years he has delivered all music for all BMW and VW’s product launches worldwide. Companies like MTV, Delta Airlines, Seat, UEFA, LG, Liberty Global, Philips, Bentley, AllSeas ,Verizon Fios, Nike and many more, all highly value his music, talents and outside the box thinking…  His music appeared in over 50 commercials on US tv alone and famous series like The Mentalist, Parenthood, Shameless and Pretty Little Liars feature his songs. He has also worked with acts like Cirque du Soleil, Moscow State Circus, Pink!, Shakira and DJ Fedde LeGrand. His music was heavily featured on the Beijing Olympics and he wrote the theme song for the Tour the France. He composed the music for GLOW2017 Blob the Bulb witnessed by 800.000 people. Erwin is the founder of Totally Tuned, a unique platform and masterclass for talented composers and songwriters.

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“Learn How To Make A Living With Your Talent”

Erwin’s Book “Corporate Music Method, How to Make Money With Music” now available at Amazon.   Also available at BOL.COM  for only 19,95 €

Lee Johnson Executive VP, Audiosparx:

“I’d highly recommend reading ‘Corporate Music Method: How To Make Money With Music’ which has a comprehensive set of recommendations for artists wanting to get more commercial placements. Please note that we did not write this book, but it was written by one of the most successful artists at AudioSparx, Mr. Erwin Steijlen, from Netherlands.”

  • “Make a living by doing what you love most; writing and recording music”
  • “Learn how to get clients and write for clients”
  • “Learn how to write for and sync to worldwide commercials, films and tv series”
  • “Learn the musical and business secrets from industry insiders”!
  • Read interviews with successful creative entrepreneurs and learn from Jordan Passman of Score a Score and Lee Johnson of Audiosparx
  • Use the “25 Rules to be a Successful Music Writer” and start your own creative company
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My name is Cristina Ornati and I am a big fan of your music and your approach to composing. I also recently purchased your book “Corporate Music Method” which is an excellent resource in understanding all the aspects of the music industry for somebody who wants to create music for licensing”.
Cristina Ornati, composer
Fellow musicians: super interesting book with many usable advice and information. Written by Erwin Steijlen who has been able through his Method to sell music to American tv series, films, commercials, big car brands etc.. read it!
Michael Coomans (musician/composer)
I’m really digging your book Erwin! Great job!
Craig Dodge, Composer for Media
I read your book with great interest on my holiday. Very inspiring! I would love to talk about it in the future. Ulco Mes (strateeg Civil Society, Gemeente Tilburg)
Ulco Mes (strateeg Civil Society, Gemeente Tilburg)
Thanks for your book, I finished it in one breath! Now allowing to let everything settle in. Very good to finally see things more commercial and from opportunities, I need to hide less behind my “artistry”. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Klaas van Donkersgoed (Composer / Drummer)
“Top Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Very helpful
Very helpful book for anyone who’s serious about making money making music”.
Ben van Essen, songwriter, teacher
“I’d highly recommend reading ‘Corporate Music Method: How To Make Money With Music’ which has a comprehensive set of recommendations for artists wanting to get more commercial placements. Please note that we did not write this book, but it was written by one of the most successful artists at AudioSparx, Mr. Erwin Steijlen, from Netherlands.”
Lee Johnson Executive VP, Audiosparx
Yesterday when I came home after your masterclass I quickly read a couple of chapters of your book, great! Thanks Erwin!
Ridvan Duzey, music tech, edm artist
Thanks for the great and inspiring lessons!
Tim van Paradijs, musician, composer
For all the composers out there that want to make a living out of Music, this book gives incredible tips on how to earn money in the Music Scene. We all know that in the beginning it can be a struggle, and sometimes it looks like a never ending story. The music scene has changed a lot , Yes, but if You know the tricks, it gets way Easier to make it your full time job. Written by: Erwin Steijlen. Kim Kiona (singer/songwriter, recording artist)
Kim Kiona (singer/songwriter, recording artist)
What a really great masterclass last week! Very cool to see how you use entrepreneurship and knowledge of the business world to make your music even more successful. It has inspired me very much and I’m really glad to have your book.
J. Rammers
J.Rammers (mixing, recording, writing)
A while ago you gave a masterclass about Audo Visual. I was present and think it was a very interesting lesson. I never was very interested in writing for commercials or product launches but your vision on writing music and songs touched me and came very close to my own opnions about music.
R.Kamsma (songwriter)
Thanks very much for your tip to go across the borders with my ideas. I started emailing companies in other countries and just got a call from an american global organisation that wanted more info. They want to keep in contact and believe in a future cooperation
J. van Loon (teacher painting, inspirator)
Great to see how the participants are stimulated to accept the challenge. I believe you really touched them with your vision and words. I’ve recieved many positive comments afterwards, so a very successful masterclass if you ask me.
M. Demiri
Hi Erwin,
I just wanted to personally thank you for the amazing lesson you gave at Sound Education. I really enjoyed it and will be happy to read your book after I graduate m. I’m a also guitar player myself and this gives me extra pleasure to hear how you work and write and how you got into the world of audio visual. Thanks for signing your book!
R. Laureys
R. Laureys, Sound Education
5.0 out of 5 starsMajor thumbs up!
Byhillyreadson June 25, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Wow! This is a real find for the serious song-writer/composer hoping to have their music used commercially. The book goes into the mind-set you must have to do the kind of work required to make a living with your original music. Mr. Steijlen’s music is linked before and after improvements so you can instantly hear what he writes about- the production techniques, how he makes it one better than the competition! He goes into trusting your intuition and keeping it simple for the client. There are examples of reactions from clients and how to interpret what they really want. There is so much to chew on in this book. I have read several “making money with music” books and feel this is a substantially better value than what I have read previously. Thank you and major thumbs up to Erwin Steijlen.
Susan Hillman
The music industry is going through a massive shift. We live at a time when old school record labels and publishers are struggling to fit their outdated business models into a new, internet-fueled, globalized music scene. You may find yourself in the midst of it all, with a bag full of burning desire, mad passion and crazy talent for making music. You may find yourself wondering whether, in this day and age, it’s even possible to earn a struggle-free living by doing what you truly love. Maybe it’s time to to shift your guitar to the hobby room and get a ‘real’ job? You don’t want to be feeding your wife and children bread and butter for the next 10 years, after all!

Well, Erwin Steijlen begs to differ. For the past 15 years he has been on an intense musical and entrepreneurial adventure. His music has brought him around the world, has allowed him to explore many different styles, play his songs in front of huge audiences and, what’s more, provide a comfortable life for himself and his family. In this day and age it absolutely is possible to make money with your music, you just need to look for it in the right place.

Erwin takes us on his journey, enthusiastically and generously explaining how he does it and, more importantly, how you can do it too! His story is so full of passion and motivation that it would be hard to read this without starting to itch with excitement about turning your creativity into a business.

A book that is totally ‘now’ and a must-read for all you talented musicians, composers and songwriters out there!

Sean Gray, Composer and voice over artist
I just finished reading your book. Bravo! Thank you for writing it! I am now watching your YouTube videos to continue my education. The pioneering spirit was so far my favorite because it is such beautiful music and yes, so emotional!

I may apply for the January Totally Tuned. I believe your class that features real clients and real deadlines is a good start.
I am going to work on my business plan next and set a budget and timeline.
Thanks to your book I have so much to explore that I was unaware of. I feel very inspired!

Best Regards,

David McRae

David McRae